PNPC Animal Rescue

We are PNPC Animal Rescue, the Canadian Wings of Rescue, assisting Canadian rescues with transportation options since 2012.

We provide free, or low cost options for, domestic flights to Canadian not-for-profit animal welfare organizations. Transports for abused, abandoned and injured animals to fosters, adopters, rehabilitation or transfers to other not-for-profit organizations.

Our services are available to Canadian based non-profit organizations for animals of Canadian origin.

Rescues/shelters, do you have an animal needing a ride? Travelers, are you taking a trip a rescue animal could hitch a ride on? Would you like to be on our list of PETSCORTs or volunteers? Then register today on our Forum, that is where all the ‘magic’ happens.



General Information:

Private flights can be arranged in relay fashion for shorter distances. For long distance transports involving multiple provinces we have our PETSCORT group


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