Same Stuff, Different Dress

Welcome to our new web presence.

A recent organization restructuring means we’re no longer operating as Pilots N Paws Canada. As we were always the formally registered charity PNPC Animal Rescue,  we’re now operating under that name as well.

What hasn’t changed, is our mission to assist Canadian animal rescues in their tireless efforts to save lives. Providing much needed assistance with transportation issues. To new homes, to better adoption possibilities, escaping BSL threat, to rehab, to release … we help them to brighter futures.

Our volunteer pilots are still donating their time and their aircraft, and we’re still enlisting the aid of commercial travellers to PETSCORT animals over the longer more difficult requests.

The coordinators you’ve come to know and work with are still here, still putting the pieces together and keeping the ducks all in neat rows.

So we’ve changed our frock, but we’re still dancing to the same tune.