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Just some of the faces we have helped escape BSL in Ontario

pnpcanimalrescue_y2d4un : October 20, 2016 09:02 : PETSCORT, PNPC

October is Pitbull Awareness Month. Today, we take a look back at some of the faces we have helped escape Ontario’s BSL.

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Tutz the diabetic kitty heads west.

Vicky : September 25, 2016 15:58 : PETSCORT

Admittedly, Tutz the cat doesn’t look all that terribly impressed with her travel arrangements, but we do know she’s going to be very happy, and well care for in her new home. Our deepest respects and love to the people who gave her a new leash on life, to Diabetic Cats In Need who found her the perfect home with people who’d lovingly care for her condition, to Danita who generously offered to PETSCORT her from Toronto to Vancouver…. it’s always a bit of a scheduling worry when we book them on a connecting flight, but Danita and Tutz came through like troopers.

Définitivement, Tutz n’est vraiment pas impressionnée par son transport, mais nous sommes certains qu’elle sera très heureuse, et aura les meilleurs soins. Notre plus grand respect et amitié aux gens qui lui ont donné une nouvelle chance à la vie, à l’organisme Diabetic Cats in Need qui lui ont trouvé une bonne famille avec des gens qui s’occuperont d’elle, à Danita qui a généreusement accepté de la transporter PETSCORT avec elle de Toronto vers Vancouver. C’est toujours un peu difficile quand les vols ont des connections, mais Danita et Tutz ont fait ça comme des pros.

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Silas Finally Makes It Home

Vicky : September 24, 2016 19:03 : PETSCORT

Beautiful Silas has finally made it to his good friends in Kitimat. It took a couple of goes at it, but the third time was the charm. However it wouldn’t have happened without a lot of good friends who lent a hand to help this boy along his way, Marsha at Abby Creek Kennel who provided him with a safe way point while he waited for his flight plan to BC, Deanna at AARF who lent the support of their volunteers to help transport him, and even the very kind folks at Air Canada ACLive Cargo. This wasn’t an easy transport, but thanks to his champions at Kitimat Community Humane Services who never gave up on him he’s safe and sound with people who will love and care for him and make sure he gets his best possible future

Le beau Silas est finalement arrivé chez ses bons amis à Kitimat. Ça a pris plusieurs tentatives, mais la troisième fois fut la bonne. Par contre, ça n’aurait pas réussi sans l’aide plusieurs bons amis. Marsha au Abby Creek Kennel qui lui a fourni un lieu sécure en attendant son vol vers la Colombie-Britannique. Deanna de l’AARF qui a aidé avec des bénévoles pour le transport. Et surtout merci au gens d’Air Canada ACLive Cargo. Ce transport n’a pas été facile, mais grâce à l’équipe du Kitimat Community Humane Services qui n’ont jamais abandonné, il est en sécurité avec des gens qui vont l’aimer et en prendre soin.


13711672_10155135213479498_1413628215_o silasacyyz 14359881_10155366186994498_1972223759_o

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Same Stuff, Different Dress

pnpcanimalrescue_y2d4un : September 14, 2016 14:25 : Uncategorized

Welcome to our new web presence.

A recent organization restructuring means we’re no longer operating as Pilots N Paws Canada. As we were always the formally registered charity PNPC Animal Rescue,  we’re now operating under that name as well.

What hasn’t changed, is our mission to assist Canadian animal rescues in their tireless efforts to save lives. Providing much needed assistance with transportation issues. To new homes, to better adoption possibilities, escaping BSL threat, to rehab, to release … we help them to brighter futures.

Our volunteer pilots are still donating their time and their aircraft, and we’re still enlisting the aid of commercial travellers to PETSCORT animals over the longer more difficult requests.

The coordinators you’ve come to know and work with are still here, still putting the pieces together and keeping the ducks all in neat rows.

So we’ve changed our frock, but we’re still dancing to the same tune.

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