Are you a registered charity? Topic is solved

General Information about the PNPC Animal Rescue registered charity
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Are you a registered charity?  Topic is solved

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PNPC Animal Rescue is a registered Canadian Charity (Charity Registration #808636088 RR001). We started operations in 2012, achieved charity status in 2013.

We operate 2 programs, within Canada's borders, which are available to animal welfare organizations, rescue organizations, wildlife rehabilitation organizations. We are unable to assist with private citizen, or business, requests.

Our programs are based on air transport, within Canada's borders, of Canadian animals. Long haul transports (examples of long haul would include Toronto to Winnipeg or further west or Halifax - Windsor pr Manitoba to Nova Scotia) are handled under our Petscorts program (Facebook page: and utilize domestic travelers already booked on the desired route; there are airline imposed fees for this service.

Short haul transports (usually of a distance no greater than 800 kms one-way) are available through our network of private general aviation volunteer pilots using their own small personal aircraft - these are subject to volunteer availability and weather conditions. Volunteer pilots are eligible for charitable receipts.

Corporations Canada has up-to-date information on our Board of Directors:

Canada Revenue Agency has our annual financial reporting:

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